Managing a Virtual Assistant

Must-Have Tools for Effectively Managing a Virtual Assistant

Working with a virtual assistant is uncharted territory for many companies, entrepreneurs and professionals.

It can be quite different from working with office-based staff. For example, you can drop by an office worker’s cubicle if you need him or her. Chances are you cannot just go and see your virtual assistant as most virtual assistants are not from the same country as their clients.

How can you effectively manage your virtual assistant then?

You need the proper tools. These let you manage your virtual assistant despite the distance and time zone differential, keeping everything running smoothly.

Here are five indispensable tools to effectively managing any virtual assistant that will let you stay on top of everything with hardly any effort:

Telecommunication Tool

A telecommunication tool is great for keeping in touch with your virtual assistant as it has several features that help make working with her easy.

It lets you chat, call each other, have a video call, send each other files and record sessions to take minutes of your meetings in just one place.

If you hire more virtual assistants, the telecommunication tool you choose lets you create groups where you can contact and work with all of them.

Examples of a Great Telecommunication Tool


Project Management Tool

As useful as a telecommunication tool is in working with your virtual assistant, it can only do so much. It cannot do everything you need to work with her as well as possible. You need a project management tool to pick up the slack.

A project management tool lets you send each other messages like a telecommunication tool. But it also lets you store files, create and schedule lists of tasks and keep track of all your deadlines with a built-in calendar, making sure you stay on top of everything.
Five First-Rate Project Management Tools


Employee Monitoring Tool

Much the same as with office-based staff, you need to keep track of your virtual assistant’s work. But you will not be able to do it in the usual ways, like simply logging the times she is supposed to clock in and out.

Virtual assistants are generally paid based on their output, so you need a tool that can give you more info on what your virtual assistant does while on the clock.

An employee monitoring tool will do just the trick. It can log the hours your virtual assistant works, alert you when she is away from her keyboard for too long or capture screenshots of her desktop while she works, guaranteeing you never lose track of her.

Examples of an Effective Employee Monitoring Tool

Time Doctor

Password Management Tool

One of the tasks usually given to virtual assistants is managing their clients’ email, blog and social media accounts. Each requires a password to access. Not only could it be overwhelming for your virtual assistant to remember all your passwords. It is also risky to just give her all of them. She might save them just anywhere and put you at risk of getting hacked.

Keep your passwords secure using a password management tool. It can store, encrypt and let your virtual assistant use all your passwords without her ever seeing them, keeping all your accounts and data safe and sound.

Five Most-Trusted Password Management Tools

Roboform 8

e-Signature Tool

You and your virtual assistant will need to send each other a lot of confidential documents to sign since you will be working entirely online. Avoid the hassles of printing, signing by hand, scanning and filing each using an e-signature tool. It lets you electronically sign them and automatically stores them on an e-filing system you can access.

Five of the Most Popular e-Signature Tools


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