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Signs You Should Hire A Virtual Assistant

One of the best trends in business and entrepreneurship today is the beauty of outsourcing. While it is more popular in the marketing domain, did you know that it can also outsource time and business tasks too?

If you are consistently finding yourself spending too much time stressing over the day-to-day tasks, or losing sight of your real business purpose, then it may be the right time to hire a virtual assistant.

Virtual assistants are just like a regular assistant—same skill set, same job description, and most of the time, same rates. However, the only difference and benefit it allows your company is that they are not office-based, hence, bringing about a decrease in production cost.

Contrary to popular belief, not only big companies are entitled to hire virtual assistants. In fact, it is equally advantageous for small companies and start ups as well. Considering the idea? Here are some of the signs that you should hire a virtual assistant ASAP:

24 Hours is still not enough for work

While most business owners and entrepreneurs may experience this once in a while, it is not normal that it happens to you all the time. If it does, you are obviously trying to do too much. Particularly if you find the things that remain undone are actually important, strategic, or mission critical tasks.

Maybe it’s time to leave all the admin work to a virtual assistant. The trick is you have to invest a bit more time up front to provide training and create systems and then be willing to give up some control over the long run. In most cases, you will see the rewards in short amount of time.

Missing out on great opportunities

Because you find yourself always too occupied and glued to your office seat 24/7, you might miss out on greater opportunities—be it about work, or about your personal life. More unfortunately, saying no to a lot of them is also a sign you need to pass off some work to a virtual assistant. Often the work that got us to the place of this new opportunity no longer requires our full attention. Even if you can outsource a few pieces to a VA, you will often find enough space to take on something new.

An area of your business is suffering

If you’re a one-man team, or likes to oversee and supervise all areas of business, chances are you might miss some little detail and lead to one (or more) area of your company suffering as a consequence.

When we don’t enjoy or feel skilled in a particular area, it is easy to avoid doing that work. Hiring a VA who has skills in those areas not only will improve those elements, but often will help you find similar areas where they can also assist.

Your customers are not really satisfied

Have you experienced some of your customers expressing dissatisfy over your customer care services? With the boom of technology, people expect amazingly fast and instantaneous customer service.  However, responding to every email beep is also very inefficient, particularly if you are trying to focus on a bigger project.

Although some customer service communications require your unique knowledge, many can be handled by anyone who is given sufficient basic knowledge – A VA can be that person. For the more complicated matters, they can still respond, acknowledging the issue and letting the customer know what to expect in terms of hearing back from you.

You are not developing

Since you devote all time running your business, you are not developing your personal skillset, relationships, and overall well-being. Sometimes, it can stunt your business growth as well, which is very much counter productive to what you aim to achieve.

The reasons vary for each person, but usually include an element of lack of time, lack of knowledge/skill, or lack of desire to complete the next step. More often than not, these are areas where a VA can make a difference. Often some research, proposed alternatives or simple prep-work can move a project forward and doesn’t require any unique business knowledge.



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