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How Virtual Assistants Are Changing Today’s Business Landscape – INFOGRAPHIC

Everything in today’s world is affected by technology. It is very much apparent in our daily lives that we are truly living in the digital age. From your smartphones, to smart TVs, every aspect of life is now being improved because of the advancement of technology.

The use of technology as aid to make things more convenient can easily be seen in businesses across industries. it is an integral part of life, especially for business owners, employees, and entrepreneurs. Not only does it allow the invention of modern equipment, today’s digital world also enabled them to have their own assistants for anytime and anywhere through virtual assistants.

Back in 2012, the Intelligent Virtual Assistant Market was valued at 352 million US dollars. Six years later, it is projected to 2,126.4 million US dollars in value, growing at a CAGR of 30.6 percent beginning from 2013.

With the internet and communication tools like emails and Skype, there are very little tasks that a virtual assistant can’t do. From email management, customer service, e-commerce management, social media management, and marketing, virtual assistants are required to have a wide skillset.

So how do virtual assistants really change today’s business landscape? How does it improve businesses in general? Here are some of its benefits for you and your company

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