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Ways to Overcome Top Challenges in Working with a Virtual Assistant (Infographic)

The Philippines is known for its excellent virtual assistants that are renowned for their work around the world. However, even they can face several problems that make it challenging to produce high-quality outputs in time. When businesses want to hire a virtual assistant, they’ll need to look for reputable people with sufficient resources and capabilities to provide excellent virtual assistant services.

virtual assistant

Look for Filipino VA with Good Internet Connection

The Philippines’ internet connection is usually slow and unreliable, resulting in most Filipinos having a poor experience with the internet. Not everyone has access to fast internet, especially if they’re living in the province.

Businesses must first ask whether a Filipino virtual assistant has a good internet connection to ensure that they can have a good working relationship. Trusting in reputable virtual assistant companies in the Philippines is also a good option for businesses since they’re assured of receiving the best services without worrying about connectivity issues.

Look for Flexible VAs

Virtual assistants have different skills, and some might specialize in one area while others are skilled in multiple areas. While specialists are advantageous for some specific projects, versatile and flexible VAs can develop skills and adapt to any future changes, including the business’s growth and expansion.

Hiring flexible virtual assistants allows a company to retain its VA complement and rely on them in the future for more work. Virtual assistants who can adapt to different circumstances are valuable assets for every business owner since they can remain competitive in the industry when their helper is flexible.

Look for Seasoned VAs

Many Filipinos experience problems with unreliable electricity, thanks to multiple issues with the facilities supplying the power and tropical storms and earthquakes causing power outages. New VAs or unaffiliated virtual assistants might not be able to cope and provide a high-quality output when suffering from power interruptions.

Experienced virtual assistants are accustomed to such disruptions, and they can accomplish their tasks and turn them over on time.

Rely on Virtual Assistant Companies

Looking for a reliable VA can prove difficult as companies suddenly have trouble with them after they suddenly have problems after getting hired. Such virtual assistants might have had no issues before they’re employed, but then come up with different excuses for having “problems” with their internet connection.

Conducting background checks by reviewing online resumes, client feedbacks, complete contact information, and others on any potential virtual assistants is advisable to get a trustworthy VA. Doing so ensures that the company won’t receive subpar output, run into communications issues, and other complications.

While it’s normal for virtual assistants to face obstacles that keep them from working efficiently, outsourcing work to a reliable VA company ensures that such chances are minimal. Businesses won’t have to worry about their VAs faking or making up excuses to get away from work since the company itself already conducted its own background check on their virtual assistants.

Maintain Communications with the VA

Some people hire VAs and expect them to accomplish the tasks without communicating with them any further. Projects tend to fail when the two parties aren’t collaborating, especially by setting unreasonable expectations on the VA.

Ignoring the virtual assistant will make finishing a project more difficult as the VA is left alone to figure things out themselves. Both the VA and their client also won’t be able to form a bond, and the VA will likely end up becoming more of an app than a human being. When people start thinking of virtual assistants as mere tools, the trust will erode, and they won’t likely work productively.

Maintaining communications and leaving open communication channels ensures that both parties can stay in touch. Making an effort to connect with the VA also develops trust that lets the virtual assistant and their client work better together.


If businesses want to hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines, they’ll need to make sure that they get the best VA for their needs. They must also maintain contact with them. The best virtual assistant services will only manifest when both parties collaborate on a project, allowing them to stay in operation even during a crisis like the coronavirus pandemic.

Without reliable virtual assistants, many entrepreneurs won’t be able to adapt to different global events that affect how businesses will fare. It’s essential to rely on a reliable virtual assistant company and collaborate with them to enjoy continuous success.



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