Where Can I Get the Most Reliable Virtual Assistant? (Infographic)

Hiring a reliable virtual assistant is one of the first steps an entrepreneur must make to ensure that their business will smoothly run while they focus on growing their business. An entrepreneur cannot operate alone, and they’ll need a team to guarantee that they won’t waste any time with tasks not suited for them.

Business owners create systems to make sure that their companies will run smoothly; they do not do everything themselves. Entrepreneurs hire a virtual assistant that will work with them to accomplish the things that they can’t.

Virtual assistants are excellent for companies thanks to their varied skillsets that can help keep a company’s staff from being overwhelmed from their current workload. Hire a virtual assistant that will handle various tasks to keep you, the business owner, from being bogged down with other tasks that prevent them from being productive. More than being qualified and reliable, your virtual assistant should be easy to contact so that you and your virtual assistant can have a good working relationship.

A reliable virtual assistant can also be cost-effective, primarily if one researches where to get an excellent employee to work remotely before hiring anyone.

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United States

English is easily the world’s universal language, and entrepreneurs must hire a virtual assistant proficient in the language. To make sure that there won’t be any issues with the language barrier, hiring a VA from the United States is advantageous.

Hire a virtual assistant locally can definitely help any US-based company since they won’t have to deal with any language barrier. Due to the lack of a language barrier, US-based companies will be assured that there won’t be any issues communication-wise, with understanding US cultural norms, that they will operate at the same time as their employers.

American virtual assistants, however, tend to cost more than those from other countries since cheap labour with them usually translates to low-quality work. If a business needs people to cover a late-night schedule, then a US-based VA might not be able to work at such hours.


India is another country that offers cheap outsourcing labour, which makes it a viable option when looking for affordable virtual assistants.

India is currently a favourite among companies to hire virtual assistants skilled in IT and back-office work, and its outsourcing sector is only growing continuously. In fact, India has been the world standard for IT services.

Most virtual assistants in India are adept at managing a company’s IT requirements, and one can consider it foolish not to trust in them regarding such services. One could also trace the jump-off point of global outsourcing to India’s working relationships with US companies in Silicon Valley during the mid-1990s.

The 12-hour time difference between the US and India can also put entrepreneurs at ease since Indian VAs can also staff around the clock.

However, virtual assistants in India, according to research, have a little bit of language barrier concern. These were also proven within the outsource BPO industry. So, here you get a VA at a low price, good with tech, but could have language barrier problem.


An excellent alternative to the US for a reliable virtual assistant is the Philippines. Filipinos have both a strong work ethic and a culture that is heavily influenced by different cultures due to the Spanish, American, and Japanese occupations. Virtual assistants in the Philippines can efficiently work with different nationalities due to their work ethic and culture. The language barrier is a very minimal problem among Virtual assistants in the Philippines.

Many Filipinos have been bilingual their whole lives, and those who wish to work from their homes as an executive assistant, writer, or others, then they will need to be able to communicate using the universal language. Filipinos consider English as their second language, and they are proficient enough with it to lead business discussions and perform complex tasks.

The services of virtual assistants in the Philippines are also cheaper than those of US-based ones. It’s better to have an excellent employee for a fraction of the price of a VA from another country. Start-up businesses can fully benefit from the cheap labour that Filipino virtual assistants offer, especially since Filipinos only charge low but show exceptional performance with their work. Companies should, however, consider not getting too cheap with them since other firms might snitch them away with better rates.

An entrepreneur might doubt a Filipino virtual assistant’s skills due to how cheap the labour is. But because of their unique character trait that focuses on accountability and dedication to the overall experience of their client, that companies will only receive excellent service. Business owners can screen their applicants according to the service they require to make sure they get the most reliable virtual assistant from the Philippines.


OVA Virtual employs excellent Filipina virtual assistants who are trained and qualified for various roles, including as an executive virtual assistant, social media manager, project manager, online business manager, or others. OVA Virtual has an outstanding pool of exceptional virtual assistants, thanks to their in-depth knowledge and comprehensive training.

A company that seeks to hire a virtual assistant is likely already moving forward and is, therefore, facing additional workloads and struggling with deadlines. A workforce supplemented with virtual assistants will be able to meet such challenges while positively affecting the company’s image.

Some business owners might have reservations with hiring virtual assistants since managing and supervising a workforce that works remotely can become counter-productive. However, an entrepreneur must know how to work effectively with virtual assistants to ensure that they won’t suffer from counter-productivity when they hire a remote workforce. Having such a manageable business and reliable support ensures you can keep taking in projects that will allow your company to grow further.



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