Why Are Virtual Assistants Crucial During the Pandemic? (Infographic)

The global Coronavirus pandemic crippled many businesses worldwide as lockdowns were imposed, and both customers and companies limited their expenses. Some companies either closed down because they weren’t capable of operating remotely or continued their operations by ensuring that their staff is sufficiently equipped with the technologies necessary to work from home. Not all businesses have such capabilities, and they’ll likely need help to continue offering their services.

Seasoned virtual assistants can help panicking businesses during the pandemic by offering high-quality remote services. Not all companies have experience in managing remote employees, and looking for the best virtual assistant services available can help remote work become more manageable. Virtual assistants are instrumental in ensuring that a business survives the pandemic.

Some freelancers face job uncertainties during the pandemic, but seasoned ones know how they can manage during this time. Virtual assistants may seem like an added expense for businesses, but their services are indispensable for the current situation.

Why Are Virtual Assistants Crucial During the Pandemic? Infographic

Allow a Company to Operate Remotely

A business might not have the necessary resources to have the employees work from their homes, resulting in its operations ceasing entirely. Companies can hire a virtual assistant to support any employees that might be able to work remotely or hire a full team to take over operations temporarily.

Virtual assistants can process administrative tasks, social media, book-keeping, appointment scheduling, and others. Should a company thrive during the pandemic, like delivery services, it can opt to hire virtual assistants like social media managers to help with its marketing efforts.

Allow a Company to Continue Operations with Little Additional Costs

Many companies have reservations about hiring virtual assistants since they see hiring remote workers as an unnecessary expense. However, outsourcing work and hiring remote employees from countries that offer cheap labor will keep their expenses low while getting high-quality work. VA companies in the Philippines are excellent for firms that need help without shelling out significant amounts of money.

The rates for VA services generally vary per country, and there are countries with more affordable rates, making them ideal locations to outsource work. Businesses reeling from the effects of COVID-19 can keep themselves afloat by hiring a Filipino virtual assistant. The VAs are paid only according to the hours they worked, and companies don’t need to pay for sick days, vacations, and health insurance.

Receive Suggestions and Support from Seasoned Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants are talented individuals with plenty of experience with other clients and are much more used to remote work than others. The wealth of knowledge and skill that VAs have can aid businesses to weather the pandemic.

Virtual assistants can advise their clients on how to cope and future-proof their business. The pandemic isn’t the only event that can cause disruptions and negatively affect sales and operations. Businesses in the retail, agriculture, and travel industries are much more prepared than others and have likely prepared contingency plans to deal with such situations.

Companies that aren’t ready for the sudden changes necessary to continue operating during the COVID-19 pandemic can benefit from reliable virtual assistants’ support. Businesses and entrepreneurs can seamlessly adjust to prepare for future remote work setups by managing schedules virtually, equipping companies with video conferencing capabilities, managing ad hoc work, and others thanks to seasoned VAs.

Even dance teachers who have problems setting up online dance classes can receive support from virtual assistants and set up an online platform. Virtual assistant services can help people set up an active online presence to conduct their business.

Manage Backend Work

As mentioned above, some companies can thrive during the coronavirus pandemic, and they might not be able to manage the resulting backend work, including invoicing, data entry, and others. People can hire a virtual assistant or two to help manage the work while the demand for their services is high.

Many companies frequently had problems with their workload in the past, and the COVID-19 could have changed it in different ways. Businesses might have lost most of their standard workload as their clients cut down their expenses or increased as people continued to transact.


Virtual assistants are instrumental in ensuring that businesses stay afloat even during uncertain times like the pandemic. VAs already know how to work remotely, and they can help those who aren’t ready for remote work to continue operations.

Without the services of reliable virtual assistants, countless entrepreneurs and companies won’t likely be able to adapt to global events like another 9/11, natural disasters, political unrest, and the current coronavirus pandemic. People must be able to hire dependable VAs when the need arises, to ensure that they can remain competitive in their respective industries.


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