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Here you will find great online jobs in Admin, Sales and Marketing, Project Management and Research, Customer Support, Accounting and Bookkeeping, Human Resources and Recruitment, and even Real Estate Virtual Assistance.

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After finding the perfect match for you, embark on your new, long-term and fulfilling career as a dedicated virtual assistant.

Work from home with other career Filipinas who will truly appreciate your expertise, passion and contributions.

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Expand your skills using our resources and tools designed to help you succeed.

Last but not the least, achieve superior work-life balance in which you earn a steady income but have much more time to be with and care for your loved ones.

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Word from the Women of OVA VIRTUAL!

What is a dedicated VA?

A dedicated VA is a self-employed professional that provides executive, administrative, technical, and, creative business support to clients from a remote location. Someone who has all your preferred skill-set and will be working just for you on your preferred date and time following your work requirements and responsibilities.