Tips to Nail Your Remote Interview

5 Easy and Effective Tips to Nail Your Remote Interview and Get the Job

Like virtually all skilled workers with years of experience, you most probably have your interview game down pat by now.

But if you have not had a remote interview before, know it is going to be harder than having an interview in person. For one thing, the ways you usually present yourself as well as possible, like maintaining eye contact, smiling and being relaxed, will not come naturally.

That said, having an excellent remote interview is not next to impossible. Follow these simple, tried-and-tested tips to make the best impression during any remote interview and you will surely have an edge over the other candidates.

1) Prep Your Tech

You need a few things to have your remote interview:

  • A PC, laptop or smartphone
  • Wi-fi
  • An app like Skype, if your potential employer requires
  • A headset, if you will use a PC or laptop
  • A web cam, if your computer does not have one

Make sure everything will work properly by checking in advance. The volume should be loud enough for you to be heard clearly without being too loud. Your internet connection should not be slow or weak. If it is your first time using the app, learn how to use it easily so you will not fumble with it during the interview.

2) Set Up Your Home Office

Whether it was specified in the job ad, you will need a home office, or an area in your home where you can work without any distractions. Working there lets you focus and deliver great results.

Show your potential employer you have such a place to work to prove you can. Do so by setting up your web cam in a way that lets him or her see it. Just avoid being too obvious.

Having the interview there also makes sure it goes without a hitch, improving your chance of making a great impression.

3) Ask Your Family and Friends for Help

Since you are having the interview at home, there is no avoiding the usual distractions, like your child, children, pet or pets suddenly acting up, or your friends calling just to catch up, unless you get help.

Avoid getting distracted during your remote interview by telling your husband, an available relative, your household help or a trusted friend when you will have it and to take your child, children, pet or pets outside to play until it is finished. Then tell your friends beforehand to call some other time if they usually call at the time of the interview.

4) Change Up Your Mock Interview

Focus on what you need to say and how to say it to gain your potential employer’s trust during your remote interview since you cannot depend on positive body language to do it.

Aside from prove you have the skills and experience needed to do the job, show your potential employer you also have a pleasant disposition to convince him or her to hire you. It assures him or her you are easy to work with. Since you will be working together from different locations, you need to do your best to avoid problems so everything keeps running smoothly.

Also make sure what you will wear looks nice on screen and lets you appear professional.

5) Do Your Homework

You cannot prove you are the perfect candidate unless you learn everything you possibly can about the job, your potential employer and what employers generally look for in VAs.

Besides reading the job ad thoroughly and looking up the things you might not be familiar with, check out your potential employer’s website or social media pages. Such extensive research makes you seem capable, confident and well-informed, improving your chance of getting the job even more.


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