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Why should I hire a VA through OVA Virtual?

When you hire a VA, you’ll need to put enough time and effort to teach them of your business specifics. You’ll also sometimes need to provide learning curve, just to make sure that the VA you’ll get is right for you.  

So, what’s the best way to find a great virtual assistant? How does the experience compare when hiring a freelancer, or going to virtual assistant companies that provide these services?

Having a VA has become not only a trend but also a necessity for businesses to optimise work. 

Making the decision to hire a VA is just the first step.

You also have to go through the whole process of actually finding one who will be a good fit for your company. This bit isn’t easy. There are many stories of how the best virtual assistant came along and helped to save a founder’s bacon. But, there are just as many horror tales of hiring the wrong person.

Weigh it up – hire a freelancer or go through a company? 


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Finding a virtual assistant? You will need to figure out where to hire a VA.

You might decide to find a freelancer, so perhaps you ask around among entrepreneur friends (none of whom want to give up their own “rockstar!”), or you start your search online. If you Google “virtual assistant for hire,” you are assailed with options. You might end up scrolling for hours through a marketplace like Upwork, or you find some individual websites or freelance VAs and line them up to compare.

You spend a lot of time digging into individuals, trying to figure out if they are trustworthy and reliable, and whether they can actually do the job.


 In short, finding a probable list of freelance virtual assistant candidates takes hours of your time.

 On the other hand, a reputable Virtual Assistant Services company can cut that search time right down. A company like OVA Virtual, who sources and hires out virtual assistants that will work hard to ensure that they’ve got good people available for their clients – it’s in the best interests of their business too. 

Virtual Assistant Services companies (if they’re any good), will have already screened their VAs and ensured that they have the required competencies and characteristics to work well for remote-based clients.


Hiring a virtual assistant

We offer virtual assistant service in almost all aspects of a business that lets us handle the more significant part of your work-related or personal tasks so you can devote yourself to accomplishing what matters most.


What can OVA Virtual do for you and your business?

We offer virtual assistant service in almost all aspects of the business. Lets us handle the higher, more significant work-related or personal tasks. Devote yourself to accomplishing what matters most.

While we take pride in being a virtual assistant company made up of successful Filipinas. We keep in mind that we are so much more.



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