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Top 24 Freelancing Blogs to Follow in 2024

Freelancing is a work arrangement where you offer your skills and services on a contract or project basis instead of working for a traditional employer with a regular salary and benefits. In essence, in freelancing, you are your own boss, and you manage your own business.

Because of this, more people are delving into this industry. But like other concepts, freelancing also has some drawbacks. One of which is finding enough clients.

The rise of freelance platforms has made connecting with clients more accessible than ever. But to truly thrive, you need more than just profile optimization.

Explore these top freelancing blogs that not only offer reading materials but also a platform where you can learn and find clients to cultivate your freelancing career.

1. Contena

Contena is among the best freelancing platforms for writers who want to make money. This website can help freelancers, especially those who are just starting, find the best remote and location-independent writing gigs.

2. Scripted

Experience the power of AI and human collaboration with Scripted, the leading platform revolutionizing content creation. With this platform, you can easily browse open writing projects from various industries and connect with potential clients.

3. ProBlogger

ProBlogger is where bloggers and website owners post their paid writing jobs regularly, allowing you to choose a project much easier. There is also no need to bid as the rates are stated upfront.

4. Copify

Copify is a copywriting agency that provides copywriting jobs for freelancers. You can browse and claim open copywriting projects and look for the assignment that works best with your skill set.

5. Contently

Contently specializes in offering powerful content marketing platforms and freelance networks. Hence, freelancing with them opens you up to various brands that need to provide relevant content to their audience.

6. Verblio

If you are looking for a freelancing platform that can connect you with a myriad of businesses, Verblio can help you out. Through this site, you can claim projects such as website copies, blogs, social media content, and ad campaigns.

7. Mediavine

Mediavine helps content creators build sustainable businesses with the help of freelancers. This allows you to find writing gigs at competitive rates.

8. Moonlighting

A mobile application enabling individuals and businesses to hire freelancers, Moonlighting is a perfect platform that can help you find clients much faster. This app not only helps organizations meet their needs but also assists freelancers in making extra money and growing their operations.

9. Wolters Kluwer

Providing professional information, software solutions, and services for clinicians, accountants, lawyers, and financial and regulatory sectors, Wolters Kluwer hires freelance writers and editors with expertise in their niche.

10. Jooble

Jooble is an online recruitment website that provides information on job vacancies. They have more than 140,000 sources worldwide, including corporate websites, online job boards, freelancing platforms, social networks, and classifieds.

11. is an online job platform that allows you to explore profitable remote writing opportunities with rapidly expanding businesses. With this website, you can achieve location-independent freelance work.

12. Flexjobs

While FlexJobs comes with a monthly subscription fee, it provides exclusive access to high-quality remote writing positions from top-tier companies, ensuring a consistent workflow.

13. Upwork

One of the most popular freelancing platforms, Upwork acts as a worldwide hub that can connect you with a bunch of clients. Upwork covers an extensive range of categories – from web design and software development to customer service and accounting. This provides you the flexibility to choose and demonstrate your expertise.

14. Fiverr

Although Fiverr has been traditionally associated with lower-budget gigs, it now hosts a considerable number of high-paying design jobs from prominent brands and companies. So, for those wanting to explore profitable job opportunities, Fiverr is an excellent website to visit.

15. Copyblogger

For writers finding ways to improve their style, Copyblogger provides excellent tips about the intricacies of content writing. The reading materials you can find on this website allow you to learn more about your writing style and how you can align with the requirements of the digital age.

16. LinkedIn

Another popular job site, LinkedIn, provides an easy way for freelancers to sell themselves and connect with clients from diverse industries. Not only that, LinkedIn also has tons of articles you can read to guide you in growing your freelancing journey.

17. PeoplePerHour

People per Hour aids businesses in finding professional freelancers to hire by the hour or project. All you have to do is create an account and set up your profile to browse for jobs in multiple categories.

18. Freelancers Union

Freelancers Union provides information on freelancers’ benefits and rights. This non-profit organization can help you in advancing your freelancing career.

19. Millo

Millo is a blogging and podcast site that has been featured in various outlets like Adobe, Inc., and Lifehacker. This site is known to provide multiple advice to help you transition to becoming a full-time freelancer.

20. Blogtrepreneur for Freelancers

Blogtrepreneur is for freelancers seeking to grow their business through search engine optimization (SEO) or social media marketing. It houses hundreds of valuable reading sources offering tips, suggestions, and helpful interviews to help you achieve success.

21. Behance

Perfect for creatives, Adobe’s Behance is a social network where freelance designers can build impressive portfolios. Behance also allows you to connect with clients from various niches.

22. Muckrack Blog for Freelancers

If you are a freelance journalist, the Muck Rack Blog can help you get to know more about how other journalists and public relations professionals write their stories. This blog site can also provide you with a clue of what truly happens in the industry.

23. Working Not Working

Working not working is an invite-only platform where many ad agencies, brands, startups, and companies hire freelancers. Signing up with them will provide you with a chance to market your skills.

24. OVA Virtual

Being a virtual assistant (VA) is becoming a popular career nowadays. So, if you want to explore and become a VA yourself, OVA Virtual is one of the most reliable virtual assistant companies in the Philippines.

Join their roster as they provide world-class virtual assistant services for entrepreneurs, professionals, and small businesses.


While being a freelancer entails a continuous effort to find clients, it is a worthwhile endeavor. You just need to find the right platform to help and guide you through your journey, like OVA Virtual.

At OVA Virtual, we can provide you with the best virtual assistant services offered by our freelance VAs. Join our team now by visiting our website at



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