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How to Get Started as a Virtual Assistant this 2021 (Infographic)

Many people had to stay at home during the coronavirus pandemic as lockdowns were implemented to keep the infection rate down. Since the typical office employee couldn’t leave their homes to work, they had to resort to work remotely. Unfortunately, several companies had to lay off their employees because of the pandemic, and many people were left unemployed.

Even with the Philippines’ COVID restrictions easing up to restart the economy, many Filipinos still have reservations about going outside. Businesses worldwide are also still adjusting to the pandemic and limiting and adjusting their expenditures by laying off some workers and focusing on marketing strategies. Some companies hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines since their overall costs are lower than standard employees.

Filipinos who lost their jobs and have to look for other means to make a living might consider becoming a virtual assistant since they can work at home. However, many different companies have their respective expectations and reservations regarding VAs, so it can be challenging to become a VA and get hired as a virtual assistant as soon as possible. People need to know how they can start.

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Invest in Equipment

No virtual assistant is complete without the necessary office equipment needed to work remotely. It’s essential to get a laptop or a desktop computer to use at home. Hardware prices are relatively high in the Philippines, but Filipino VAs don’t necessarily need a top-of-the-line PC or laptop to work. If the virtual assistant will only need to use MS Word and Excel, then even an entry-level laptop like an Intel Celeron or an old, used, and cheap PC can suffice. Changing the old hard disk drive or HDD with a solid state drive or SSD can boost performance and potentially increase the VAs productivity at a relatively low price.

It’s also essential to have a good and stable internet connection since virtual assistants will be working and communicating through the internet. The Philippines’ internet quality might not be excellent, but some providers can offer excellent service, and it’s only a matter of choosing one.

A virtual assistant will also need a phone and a headset for communication purposes. The other office equipment that a VA could need includes a printer, scanner, and filing cabinets.

Work as if You’re in an Office

After getting the office equipment, the VA must condition themselves to work on an office. The virtual assistant can set up the computer in a dedicated work area to focus on work. Working off the bed when using a laptop will only make the VA drowsy and lose focus.

Virtual assistants can only become productive when they’re doing everything that a typical employee does. Setting up a daily routine that conditions the mind to focus on work is essential to becoming a successful remote worker.

Take Online Lessons

Not everyone can quickly get started as a VA, especially since different people have different skillsets.  People can learn new skills when taking an online course, and they can have a better chance of getting employed.

Businesses hire a virtual assistant based on what they need and what the VA offers. Having an impressive skillset opens up multiple opportunities for an aspiring VA since they can potentially freelance on the side if they have the time for it.

People can also check out different social media groups related to what the VA is doing and improve their skills and take advice from others. Learning from others is a suitable option for people who can’t afford formal lessons.

Join a VA Company

Aspiring virtual assistants can still have trouble getting employed since they aren’t connected to a network of VAs or do not know where to get clients. Signing up in a VA company Philippines allows virtual assistants to find great jobs in different fields.

Joining OVA Virtual’s team of Filipina virtual assistants allows the VA to get a job in Admin, Sales and Marketing, Project Management and Research, Customer Support, Accounting and Bookkeeping, Human Resources and Recruitment, and Real Estate Virtual Assistance. Becoming part of a team also allows the virtual assistant to have access to several resources and tools.

Many businesses worldwide are now looking to hire VAs from reputable virtual assistant companies in the Philippines because they know that a Filipino virtual assistant can provide quality work at an affordable price. Being part of a trustworthy team of VAs significantly improves a virtual assistant’s chances of getting employed.

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