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Ways on How to Prepare your Freelance Business for the Holiday Season! (Infographic)

It’s December again, and the holidays are coming when nearly everyone is resting, relaxing, and enjoying their time with their families and friends. Regardless of what people do during this time, they all have one thing in common: they won’t be working https://ovavirtual.com/careers/ or a while.

Freelancers might also want to take some time off or to look for more jobs since many companies that need to continue operating during the holidays will end up understaffed. Even if there are multiple opportunities to earn more money, it might not be advisable if the freelancer is already tired and would want to relax for a change.

Whatever a freelancer decides, it’s important to know how to prepare their freelance business for the holidays. The month of December is well-known for its holidays, but the other months of the year also have several holidays that can lead to company downtime and more opportunities for freelancers. It’s essential to know how freelancers can cope with any holiday any time of the year.

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Take Time Off

Everyone needs to rest every once in a while, and a holiday is a perfect time to do so. Nearly every worker, office or otherwise, will likely be taking a break from any stressful work, and there’s no reason why a freelancer can’t do the same. Working hard all year without taking a break isn’t fun, and anyone can get discouraged easily and lose their motivation for work.

Taking a break is one reward that everyone deserves, but not something that must be done on a whim. Many businesses will end up understaffed during the holiday season. Any freelancers and virtual assistants who will take a break from work will further reduce the people who’ll keep the company running during the holidays. Freelancers must notify their clients in advance that they’ll take a break on the holidays so they can get work done early on and then rest without thinking of work.

Both the freelancer and the client can work out how they can get work done while also letting the freelancer enjoy the holidays. Communication between both parties is essential to get what both want while maintaining a healthy working relationship.

Look for Jobs During the Slow Period

The large number of people taking a break during the holidays includes business owners and employees, resulting in a slow period as freelancers find their clients stopping operations for a while. The slowdown might tempt freelancers to take it easy for a bit, but not everyone thinks like that. Working is fun, and some people believe that holidays are an excellent time to get more work done.

Not all businesses will close down for the holidays since this is also when many people with newfound free time will likely go online shopping. Several companies need to have a responsive staff to accommodate the increasing number of customers. Such businesses will probably hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines to fill their team for the holidays. Freelancers can take advantage of this need to get more work.

Freelancers can contact their old clients to ask if they need any help for the holidays, offer attractive discounts for their services, source potential leads for future jobs, or launch an online product of their own.


A freelance Filipino virtual assistant who has extra money can also upgrade their current setup or improve their workspace to become more productive. Other freelancers from various industries can use the holiday season to purchase newer equipment to replace or supplement their current equipment. They can use whatever income they make during the season to improve their services or introduce a new one for more job opportunities in the future.

Buying new gear is an excellent way to improve productivity, especially if the freelancer has older equipment that limits their capabilities. The freelancer can then offer more services once the new year comes.

Get Ready for Payment Delays

The holiday season is naturally a slow period as people rest and relax to reward themselves after working hard throughout the year. However, the holiday season is also a time of payment delays as banks go on bank holidays that lead to delayed payments as the clients are unable to deposit money.

There are multiple banking holidays during the last weeks of December and the first week of January worldwide, and freelancers working with different clients worldwide might not get their money on time.

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