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How Virtual Assistants Can Stay Productive and Healthy During This Pandemic (Infographic)

Many people were forced to work from home, thanks to the novel coronavirus and the lockdown measures imposed by different countries. People also tend to work from home for various reasons, including the office going through renovations, employees getting sick, and others. The World Health Organization advised people to stay at home to prevent COVID-19 from spreading.

Working from home doesn’t necessarily mean that people suffer from less stress since there are still several issues at home that can damage an employee’s mental condition. Home-based workers tend to feel certain emotions that negatively affect their mental health, which office-based workers don’t experience.

There are many distractions at home, and it’s important to know how remote workers can stay productive while staying healthy.

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Set up a Home Office

Working at home gives a person the flexibility to manage their schedules since they no longer have to travel to work. However, as stated before, there are many distractions at home that limit the remote worker’s productivity. It’s advisable to set up a home office to limit distractions and let the worker focus on their job.

People can designate a room as their home office, set everything work-related there, and keep their personal life from that room. Remote workers can set up their home office by investing in desk chairs, tables, and other office equipment to transform a room and make it look like an office workplace. By separating personal life from work life, people can limit distractions and have more focus on work.

Work Only on Designated Work Hours

Some remote employees may be tempted to extend their work hours and get more things done within the day, even outside their regular hours. Some people might even get lax, knowing that they can rest any time since they don’t have to travel home from the office to rest.

The additional flexibility on someone’s schedule provided by their work from home status can result in people overworking. It’s advisable to stick to the designated work hours and stop immediately to rest when the hours are up.

Take Breaks

As mentioned above, it’s important to work only during work hours to keep the remote worker from overexerting themselves. It’s also essential to take breaks now and then to let the brain relax. If possible, take a 15-minute walk, get some lunch, or catch up with loved ones.

Taking a break can improve a person’s productivity levels and stay focused on their tasks. It’s important to take time off from the computer and mobile phone screens, stressors, meetings, and work when taking a break.

Create a Morning Routine

Routine helps people mentally and physically as they prepare for the day since humans are creatures of habit. Without a morning routine to get ready for work, the remote employees may not be able to work productively.

People can drink coffee every morning, do some light workouts, walk outside (if the lockdown measures allow it), or anything else that can help them get ready for the day. Remote workers must also control themselves on how they go to work. They might not be productive when working in their pajamas.

Get Out of the House

Remote workers might find going outside difficult, especially a Filipino virtual assistant, due to lockdown measures, quarantines, and social distancing. When able, people must consider going out of the house to have a new setting. Going outside lets people move their bodies and breathe fresh air, even if they’re only getting groceries and supplies.

Getting outside helps work from home employees and virtual assistants to relax and unwind and introduce a change of pace to keep work-related stresses from becoming routine.

When going out during the pandemic, people must practice social distancing to reduce their chances of contracting the virus. The remote workers going out of their homes must stay several feet from others and avoid crowds to stay safe from COVID. If they feel ill, they should stay home to keep others safe.

Socialize with Others

If the remote employee can’t go outside for some reason, they can connect with their coworkers online to keep them from feeling isolated. Among the problems of remote work-life are loneliness, disconnection, and isolation, which can negatively affect a person’s mental health.

If a remote worker is demoralized due to lack of connection, it could translate to productivity and keep them from being excellent on the job. By socializing with other remote coworkers, they can help each other out and keep themselves sane and healthy while working from home.

People should also keep in touch with their friends outside of work since they’re more likely able to help the remote worker in times of need since they already have a well-established relationship.


VAs can only offer high-quality virtual assistant services when they can manage their mental health and when they can limit distractions to focus on work. It may be difficult for office-based employees to adjust to remote work due to the pandemic, but it’s essential that they know how to adjust so they can stay productive and enjoy their work lives.

Hardworking Filipinas can become a part of a virtual assistant company Philippines’ team and achieve a work-life balance that they might not have when they freelance alone. Join our team to find great online jobs in Admin, Sales and Marketing, Project Management and Research, Customer Support, Accounting and Bookkeeping, and others and enjoy a long-term career as a virtual assistant.





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