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Arguably the best point of working as a virtual assistant is the convenience of working from home. However, this perk can be a double edged sword too! Sometimes—or most of the time, convenient may be comfortable, which may turn into cozy, causing you to be counterproductive instead.

However, the reality is that most people don’t have an extra room to dedicate to a full-time office. What many people can do is to convert one part of your home into productive work space. With proper knowledge on how to turn your space into a work-ready environment can help you focus on getting the job done, while still be able to enjoy working in a relaxed environment of your choice.

Here are some of the most advisable areas of your house to work in and ways on how you can convert every part of your home into a work-conducive zone:

The Living Room

The living area of your home serves as the welcoming pad for guests and friends coming over. With this in mind, it is just right that it’s very comfortable and relaxing. Moreover, it is designed to be the place where you spend your free time. Many people opt to read a book or watch TV in the living room while snuggling on the couch. But, if you’re a virtual assistant—or planning to be a virtual assistant who works from home, converting your living space in to a working area is easy.

Set up a desk behind your sofa or couch—to make sure that your workspace is not floating or out of place, set it up behind a sofa. This way, your workspace can still make a balance in the room, making it not awkward at all.

Maximize spaces—make use of forgotten and neglected spaces inside your living area such as the bottom of the stairs, a blank wall, etc. It could easily be storage spaces or a perfect place for your desk.

Shelving can also be a great working spot. If your space is cramped for another table or desk to fit anywhere in the living area, why not use a self as a makeshift table? All you need is a chair and install an outlet near it. You can also make sure of the other levels of the shelf as a storage unit for all your files and documents.

The Backyard/ Balcony

For those who want to work with a relaxing view for their eyes, working on the backyard or your balcony is the best option. It is not only space efficient, being closer to nature while you work also provide benefits for your eyes and brain.

Set up your workstation on a comfortable spot in your backyard or balcony. Just make sure you have everything you need within reach to do away with getting up a few times, which can be a distraction too.

The Kitchen or Dining Table

It is not an uncommon thing for people to use their dining table as a makeshift study or work table, especially for people who can’t afford to add another table at home. It is ideal because of the wide surface area that can be used for typing, writing, etc.

To modify it further, you can add more storage under the table itself by installing drawers under the tabletop itself. Just be sure the additional shelves are well supported, with brackets or anchored to the studs, so they hold the weight safely.

It is also a great spot for working at home since most dining rooms come with great overhead lighting, which is vital for work.

Keep distractions to a minimum.

The truth is, any part of the home can be converted into an efficient work space. Minimizing distractions—from anywhere in the house—is the key in productivity. While you maybe working in your living area, the dining table, or your room, make sure to turn off the TV, avoid eating while working, and install a blocker that will limit your internet access.

Working from home is often the best of both worlds for many people, and could greatly be beneficial to virtual assistants. With the right mindset and set up, you can be productive and less distracted from anywhere in your home.


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