Life Balance with a Virtual Assistant

Proven Ways You Can Achieve Work-Life Balance with a Virtual Assistant

Hiring a virtual assistant is a modern business essential for success. To satisfy net-savvy, well-informed and increasingly demanding customers, every entrepreneur needs to do it—especially SME’s, one-man-team business owners and small groups, or groups of at least 10 members. But not everyone has wrapped their head around it.

Not being sure they need such valuable support prevents many potential business leaders from finding a virtual assistant who can help them run their business as well as possible and attain the holy grail of working—work-life balance.

If you are one of those entrepreneurs who still cannot decide whether to hire a virtual assistant, here are no less than five confirmed ways doing so lets you live the dream of having your very own business without sacrificing your personal life:

1) Keep The Stress of Building Your Business to a Minimum

Unlike with a full-time employee, there is a lot of things you can do without by hiring a virtual assistant.

For example, you do not need to buy more office equipment as your virtual assistant has her own.

The simpler it is to run your business, the less stressed you will be. Stress can contribute to many health problems if left unchecked.

The better you feel each day, the better your quality of life.

2) Work at Your Best While Enjoying Yourself

Being able to work from different locations lets you and your virtual assistant choose the most convenient or comfortable place to work. That could be your home, your favourite coffee shop or even a beach. If you decide not to have a schedule, you could also work at the time of day that suits you.

Having such luxuries makes you feel like you are not working at all but still be able to produce the best results, greatly improving your work and well-being.

3) Keep Your Business Running and Growing Even While You Are Away

There are virtual assistants around the world. Unless you look for one where you live, the virtual assistant you choose to hire is likely living in a different time zone.

If she accepts, you could have your virtual assistant work when you are off the clock, with a few hours overlapping so you can communicate. Your business will run practically 24/7, even while you take care of personal things, like attending PTA meetings, ensuring your business grows. You will have peace of mind, letting you truly enjoy yourself when not working.

4) Make Changes to Your Business Easily and Quickly to Suit You and Loved Ones

Most online businesses are microbusinesses that usually have nine employees or fewer and only a few assets. Being so lean makes them much more flexible than traditional businesses.

Say your family needs to move. If you run your entire business online, the only change you need to make to it that concerns your clients are updating your public information. It will just take a few clicks, something your virtual assistant can handle herself.

Having such a manageable business and reliable support ensures you can keep taking good care of yourself and your loved ones.

5) Have More Time to Focus Not Only on Technical Tasks but Yourself and Loved Ones

You can start giving your virtual assistant more and more responsibilities once she starts learning the ropes. Eventually, you can give her all of your simple, day-to-day tasks, like managing your inbox, keeping track of your appointments and posting on your blog or social media.

Not having so much on your plate lets you focus on technical tasks, like your core operations. You will also have more time for your family, friends and yourself, keeping your work and personal life well-balanced.

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