Three Key Things Every Freelancer Should Do in 2020 (Infographic)

For one reason or another, many people want to become freelancers on their various fields of work, as some feel that they’re still not fit for an office environment or because they still have other things to take care of elsewhere. Due to the growing number of freelancers looking for a project to work on, the competition is great, and it’s getting more and more challenging to have a project to work on.

Most freelancers present similar-looking resumes, equally impressive portfolios, and identical promises of being able to do great on the job. Still, employers need more than these to be sure that they’ll hire the right people for the job.

A freelancer might only want to have another source of income besides their primary job while being able to achieve greater independence on the job. Freelancers will need to possess three key things to give them a higher chance of getting hired.

Possess a Particular Specialization

There are a lot of freelancers around the world with similar skillsets, and this fact can make it challenging to get hired quickly. It’ not enough to say that you’re a writer, an editor, a photographer, or whatever since they fail to show employers what you can do and accomplish on the project.

There’s an abundance of writers, editors, photographers, project managers, and others who may or may not be able to do the same job according to their professions. Still, each of these fields has different specializations that employers may be looking for specifically.

There are many different specializations among writers, and it’s important to state them to increase your chances of getting hired. A company might be looking for a writer that specializes in SEO writing, and writers who don’t market themselves as such will likely have a hard time getting employed.

It’s important to state your specialization to increase your chances of having the job.

Show People Your Skills

Many people are great at telling people what they can do, but there’s no way for employers to know if freelancers can genuinely deliver. A resume can only show people what a freelancer already did before, but it fails to show the quality of the work. Employers are looking for people who can make significant contributions to their companies and not just anyone who is looking for a job.

Freelancers must showcase their output first so that employers will have an idea on how they accomplish their tasks and how good the results are. Freelancers can post their videos on YouTube, write articles on blog sites, collect testimonies from their past clients, present the process on how the work was done, and even upload tutorials online.

People who can show employers how they work have a higher chance of getting hired for the project.

Have a Memorable Story

The most memorable people are those who have the best stories under their belts since such accounts can give more information on the freelancer compared to what’s written on the resume. It’s much easier to remember a freelancer’s stories than the project associated with that freelancer.

A great story regarding a freelancer’s adventure on the various jobs will make that particular individual standout in the field, allowing for more opportunities for employment in the future. A freelancer with a story to tell was able to establish good relationships with other people, including their clients, and their fellow freelancers.

Freelancers with great stories are easily remembered, and this can result in being able to form a healthy personal and work-related relationship that can lead to further employment opportunities. It’s also great to work with a freelancer that an employer knows well.

A competitive and successful freelancer will need to specialize in something to excel in their particular field, demonstrate their skills to their target audience, and enjoy their time and get plenty of stories to share with people. No freelancer will be able to succeed if they’ll remain generic with nothing to make them stand out in the industry, especially when people will start considering being one in 2020.



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