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Experienced Virtual Assistants’ Advice for New VAs (Infographic)

In the 2017 Tholons Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations, the Philippines became one of the top outsourcing countries in the world by placing fourth in the overall rankings. Described by companies worldwide as hardworking, loyal, and optimistic, business processing outsourcing (BPO) and other businesses eyed Filipinos to work for them as virtual assistants (VAs). Indeed, hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines and expect quality and cost-effective solutions for your business.


As a Filipino virtual assistant, earning such praise and respect from international firms and enterprises can motivate and drive you to become better at work and serve people to the highest standards.


On the contrary, let’s not just look at the bright side of things. Being in the spotlight brings good for our dedicated and resilient Filipino workforce, but achieving such a feat is not attained overnight. Reaching further heights in the business world as a trusted employee takes time, patience, perseverance, and passion. Besides, as a VA working offshore, you need to build a reputation to be acknowledged. Companies will invest money for your service and go against each other to get you for their respective businesses.


To be known as the best requires consistency and such task needs attention that will exhaust and drain you. As a budding VA, do you feel worried? Do not be stressed and pressured because I got your back. Gathering the sentiments and stories of VAs from various virtual assistant companies in the Philippines, we wrote this blog to offer you some help and tips about pursuing a virtual assistant career.


Experienced Virtual Assistants’ Advice for New VAs (Infographic)

1. Communicate

Always be transparent with your clients, and you can only do that by communicating with them. Know their expectations and be prepared every day. Every project needs different approaches, and understanding what they want will guide you in doing the right and the best thing to do. Never hesitate to talk and raise concerns through email or social media. Communication is the key remember that.


2. Don’t Play Smart

If you’re not knowledgeable enough about the project itself, don’t think, decide, and carry actions by yourself. Shyness and overconfidence won’t produce any good results and make a poor impression on your boss. Go ahead and don’t hesitate to ask your client questions.


3. Trust Yourself

Be confident with your skill-set and intelligence as a newbie. As a rookie virtual assistant, many opportunities will test your capabilities and pressure. Yet, trusting yourself and going back to the basics will pave the way to learn new stuff, add new skills and experiences to your resume, and gain reputation.


4. Be True to Yourself

Be honest. Accept your weaknesses while being open to new learning. Never underestimate the small steps, as there is no shortcut to stardom and success. Besides, invest money and time in things that can help you in your future working endeavors. Indeed, experiences provide room for improvement and boost your morale to be better the next time.


5. Stay Focus

To make it more realistic, keeping distractions away is an arduous task to do. Instead, limit them by finding a quiet place to work at home. Background noises like a crying baby or barking dogs will interrupt you from focusing on your work. Keeping your workstation silent will relax and calm your mind to finish the job on time.


6. Be Organized

Find a suitable workplace at home that you can designate as an office. By doing that, you can navigate and work freely without any disruptions. Besides, it will help you keep important files and your computer in check without worrying about your kids or pets from reaching.

After reading this blog, we wish you learn and absorb the beneficial tips we collected from different VAs managed by VA companies in the Philippines offering the best virtual assistant services.


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